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UPDATE: California’s Senate Bill 131 Still Awaiting Signature

September 18, 2013

UPDATE: California’s Senate Bill 131 is still on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk awaiting signature. SB 131 faces strong opposition. Supporters, as well as critics, are making their opinions known to the governor. We’ll know by Oct. 11th – 30 calendar days from when the governor received the bill – if it becomes law.

Governor Brown has three options for SB 131: Veto the bill, sign it or let it become law without signing it.

SB 131 gives sexual-abuse survivors a one-year window of opportunity to file a civil suit previously time-barred by statute of limitations. Victims could file a case against their abuser or their abuser’s employer. The window to file such cases would be open from 2014-2015.

Stand up for sex-abuse victims in California. Call Gov. Brown’s office at: 916-445-2841 or email him via the governor’s website at:

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