Societal Costs

Many people are unaware of the prevalence of sexual child abuse in society. While the true extent of sexual abuse inflicted upon children is unknown, one national survey estimated that 27 percent of women and 16 percent of men reported being sexually abused before turning 18. Most estimate that anywhere from 60 to 63 percent of women were sexually abused when they were children. The societal costs of sexual abuse are pervasive. From the economic loss through the outgrowths of emotional trauma, we work to mitigate these costs by confronting abusers and protecting future victims.

What effects does sexual child abuse have on society? Some have tried to express the effects in dollar amounts — according to a study called Total Estimated Cost of Child Abuse and Neglect in the United States, sexual abuse of children costs $94 billion annually. The study cites direct costs, such as hospitalization, chronic health problems, and law enforcement; it also cites indirect costs, such as the juvenile delinquency, special education needs, and criminal behavior that are much more common among victims of childhood abuse.

Attorneys Fighting for Change
Tim Kosnoff has represented hundreds of sexual abuse survivors. Tim believes that many of society’s ills can be traced to childhood sexual abuse. He is devoted to aggressively going after abusers and institutions that protect abusers. Tim appears on television, radio, and in newspapers, publicizing the problem of child sexual abuse and unmasking those responsible.

Tim is aware that he  stands on the shoulders of thousands of courageous people and organizations fighting the epidemic of child sexual abuse in society. Tim may have the experience and knowledge to take any individual or organization to court, but the true power lies with those who come forward with their stories and work us to bring abusers to justice.

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