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Child Abuse Help and Advocacy

Tim understands the complex dynamics and issues surrounding child sexual abuse from different and sometimes conflicting perspectives. He understands how difficult and emotionally draining sexual abuse lawsuits are on victims. He strives to find ways for victims and accused institutions to resolve claims early in the process to save victims the added anxiety and risks inherent in the legal system.

As a long-time civil sexual abuse attorney, Tim understands the long term devastating impacts of child sexual abuse and the psychological and financial burdens that victims and their families must contend with.

Tim also understands the historical tolerance of religious organizations and non-religious organizations for child sexual abuse in their ranks, and of the existential threats posed to organizations that fail to adequately address it. Churches and other youth-serving organizations too often fail to act quickly to reach out to victims with sincerity and compassion, compounding the harms and making the resolution more difficult and ultimately more costly for everyone.

Tim is able to help parties resolve claims for damages and in some instances achieve non-monetary remedies that can protect children in the future. He continues to advocate at the legislative level for changes in laws that protect child sex predators and deprive abuse survivors of access to justice. Otherwise, the hope of child protection is illusory.

Institutions that tolerate abusers to infiltrate their organizations must be held legally accountable, such as what came about from the Boy Scouts abuse and Mormon sexual abuse events. Reform is essential to get youth-serving organizations to make meaningful changes to the way they have historically failed to deal with the problem.

On child sexual abuse mass tort litigation; church/institutional bankruptcies driven by child sexual abuse claims. Tim also sheds light on child abuse prevention month and other movements that bring awareness and boost advocacy.

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