An adult, peering at themselves as when they were a child

Parental Sexual Abuse

Suffering sexual abuse at the hands of a parent or stepparent can be one of the most traumatic and devastating kinds of abuse. Where a child trusts the family member, the child is much more likely to suffer long-term emotional trauma. Healing from parental sexual abuse requires a component of confronting the abuser. With support and advocacy, you can safely confront your abuser and bring serenity back into your life.

Many victims will not face the direct symptoms and consequences of their abuse for years after the incident. Whether they suffer from repressed memories or they are affected later on by failed relationships, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or other emotional conditions, our attorneys can help the victims of parental sexual abuse recover compensation for the injuries they have suffered and bring justice to their abusers.

Parental sexual abuse can cause:

  • Alcohol dependency or substance abuse
  • Emotional instability: depression, anxiety
  • Distrust in future sexual relationships
  • A general inability to trust
  • Dysfunctional marital relations
  • Future abuse

These are just some of the individual costs and societal costs of abuse. At our firm, we have successfully handled cases involving abuse within families and abuse within larger institutions.

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