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The Boy Scouts of America

Lawyers Fighting Against Scoutmaster Sexual Abuse

For 80 years, the Boy Scouts of America has been aware that its organization attracts many pedophiles wanting to be scoutmasters. The BSA has kept thousands of confidential internal files about incidents of scoutmaster child sexual abuse, but instead of turning these sexual predators in to the authorities, they quietly dismissed them from scouting. At Kosnoff Law, we are dedicated to protecting the victims of sexual abuse while using the legal system to prevent future abuse.

Analysis of the internal files reveals that the Boy Scouts have been dismissing scoutmasters for sexual abuse at the rate of one every three days for the past 50 years. Because there is a higher risk that a boy will suffer sexual abuse if he joins the Boy Scouts, it is time that the BSA told the truth to parents and scouts about the size of the problem and the unique characteristics of scouting that make it particularly vulnerable to infiltration by pedophiles. It’s time the BSA appropriately educated scouts and parents in how to recognize, resist, and report scoutmaster abuse. The BSA has got to stop covering up these problems.

The Civil Justice System Can Be Used to Help Stop Scout Abuse

While the criminal justice system is one avenue of pursuing abusers, the civil justice system enables victims to directly confront their abusers, bringing the survivors monetary compensation and justice. Tim Kosnoff was the first lawyer to obtain, compile, and analyze the thousands of pages of BSA confidential files detailing the BSA’s long history of excusing and enabling pedophiles in scouting, many of whom were paid professional scout leaders.

In a recent case of Boy Scout abuse, Tim Kosnoff brought suit against the Boy Scouts on behalf of a Tacoma man abused 34 years before the suit. This client, like many others, was not motivated by money, but by the need to help prevent similar abuses happening to another generation of children.

Using the civil justice system to shine a light on the BSA’s practices contributes to efforts to make the Boy Scouts change its practices that cover up and enable the sexual abuse of boys. And, of course, each case also targets and unmasks individual pedophiles, which in itself can prevent many incidents of abuse since it is known that the average pedophile has over a hundred victims throughout a lifetime of offending.

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If you know of any incident of scoutmaster sexual abuse, please contact us immediately. Call 206-257-3590, within the Seattle area, or toll-free: 1-855-LAW-4-CSA – that’s 1-855-529-4272. There are different statutes of limitations for these crimes in different states, but regardless, the attorneys at Kosnoff Law will be absolutely committed to helping in any way they can.

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