An adult, peering at themselves as when they were a child

Telltale Signs of Sexual Abuse

Are you a victim of childhood sex abuse? Have you struggled with any of the following?

  • Guilt, feelings that it was your fault
  • Anger (toward yourself, your abuser, others who should have known or stopped the abuse)
  • Self-hatred, self-blame
  • Criminal behavior, self-destructive behavior
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Flashbacks, repressing memories, post-traumatic stress
  • Fear, avoidance of intimacy
  • Inability to sustain meaningful relationships, inability to function
  • Insomnia, difficulty concentrating

We’ve helped hundreds of victims of childhood sex abuse. Over the years, we’ve come to recognize the telltale signs. The trauma of childhood sex abuse can leave emotional scars that last for years after the abuse has ended. We see courageous survivors push ahead into adulthood, only to find their lives falling apart at some point. Many turn to alcohol or drugs to deaden the pain. Some turn to crime. Many are unable to sustain meaningful relationships or hold a job. Sometimes, so-called over-achievers try to bury the pain of the past in constant work.

If you’re a survivor of childhood sex abuse, it wasn’t your fault. And you’re not alone. There is help. We offer the legal tools to help survivors get justice and secure compensation for their injuries. We seek change by holding abusers and their protectors accountable.
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