An adult, peering at themselves as when they were a child

Boys Ranches, Foster Homes, and Orphanages

Like many organizations and institutions that offer safe houses for children, boys ranches, foster homes, and orphanages are often places of sexual abuse for children. Unfortunately, the thousands of children who are placed in these dangerous environments have no alternative placement and cannot confront their abusers until they reach adulthood. At Kosnoff Fasy, we are committed to assisting the survivors of sexual abuse confront their abusers, as well as the institutions that fostered and housed the abuse. We are experienced in identifying abusers and in providing the advocacy and support for survivors.

Boys ranch abuse

Boys ranches are established and funded through a variety of public and private sources and are designed to house and care for adolescent boys. Usually, the boys ranches are homes for teenage boys who require placement by the state. Unfortunately for many of these young boys, they are victim to the perpetrators and sexual abusers housed and employed there. For more information regarding boys ranch sexual abuse, please contact Kosnoff Fasy.

Foster home abuse

Children who are wards of the state often do not have the ability to protect themselves against the many adults with whom they come into contact throughout their experience in and out of foster homes. Many children will be placed in unsafe foster homes, unable to confront their abusers or seek recourse throughout their stay. Since they are placed in the foster homes at the hands of the state, the state will often be liable for the abuse. At Kosnoff Fasy, we are dedicated to assisting the victims of foster home abuse identify and confront every abuser as well as every agency responsible for the foster home placement. If you have been abused, do not hesitate to contact our office for more information on foster home abuse.


While orphanages are not common in the United States, they do continue to exist throughout the world. Often, orphans are brought to the homes with nowhere else to go and no one else to care for them. Under the supervision of state or private caretakers, these children are sexually abused and molested by perpetrators volunteering or living in the orphanage. If you or someone you love was injured while staying in an orphanage, our attorneys will identify every responsible party and appropriately bring claims against them.

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