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Jesuits and Other Religious Orders

Sexual abuse often occurs under the auspices of a religious order. As a result of the lack of transparency within the operation of the church and the delay in making the problems part of a secular issue, many abuses go unreported and many of the sex crimes are concealed by the larger institutions that house the abuse. At Kosnoff Law, we are dedicated to confronting the abusers as well as the organizations that foster the abuse.

Many Jesuit and other religious orders operate in a culture that fosters and conceals sexual abuse. We are dedicated to working with victims to confront their abusers to prevent future sexual abuse.

If you or a loved one has been abused by clergy or other authority under the auspices of the Jesuit or other religious order, our attorneys will work with you to expose the abuse. We understand that it was not your fault and will support you throughout the legal process.

Attorneys to Confront Abusers and Protect Future Victims of Abuse

The attorneys at Kosnoff Law have successfully represented victims of abuse within the Catholic diocese and the Church of Latter Day Saints. Their years of experience can effectively shed light on the many individual costs and societal costs associated with sexual abuse.

We are familiar with the patterns of abuse and concealment within religious organizations and other institutions. Our attorneys routinely investigate matters related to the often-long-term cover-ups associated with sexual abuse within religious orders. If you or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse by a Jesuit clergy member or another figure within a religious order, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

At Kosnoff Law, we understand that many survivors are reluctant to confront their abusers. They may fear ridicule by family members or their religious communities. Having worked with hundreds of abuse victims, our attorneys and staff are familiar with the process of confronting sexual abusers and will ensure that you are comfortable in every step of the process.


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