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Catholic Dioceses

Lawyers Representing People Sexually Abused in the Catholic Church

Incidents of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church are well-known, as are the Church’s attempts to cover up and even ignore the crimes of sexual predators. Publicity has been a great help in making a positive change — the more publicity is drawn to the failure of Catholic religious orders in stopping child sexual abuse, the more people come forward with allegations. At Kosnoff Fasy, we are dedicated to assisting the survivors of sexual abuse in bringing successful claims against Catholic priests and the church that supports them.

Abuse by Catholic priests is well-documented and supported by evidence. We are dedicated to bringing legal claims against all parties directly responsible for the attempts to conceal child abuse.
Lawsuits Fighting Clergy Sexual Abuse Can Bring About Change
When individual abusers are revealed, they can be prevented from ever committing child sexual abuse again.  Another objective in fighting an organization that enables child sexual abuse to occur is to force the organization to change its ways so that fewer children are victims of sexual abuse in the future.

There are many other Catholic organizations that have been shown to be protecting sexual abusers. Kosnoff Fasy has filed suits against dozens of major and minor Catholic religious orders, including the archdiocese, Jesuits, the Benedictines, and boys’ homes affiliated with the Church, such as the Morningstar Boys Ranch in Spokane. Kosnoff Fasy also handles cases in Idaho and nationally.
Contact Our Attorneys
If you know of any sexual abuse by a Catholic priest or occurring under auspices of the Catholic Church, or indeed any child sexual abuse at all, please call Kosnoff Fasy directly at 206-257-3590 or Toll-Free at 1-855-LAW-4-CSA – that’s 1-855-529-4272. You can also email our offices directly to arrange a free initial consultation. The attorneys at Kosnoff Fasy will help in any way they can.  We work closely with many groups committed to helping survivors of child sexual abuse.

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