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The attorneys at Kosnoff Law are dedicated to assisting the survivors of sexual abuse.  Tim Kosnoff has spent more than 20 years focusing exclusively on representing child sexual abuse survivors.  From our offices in Seattle, Washington and now San Juan, Puerto Rico we have successfully represented clients throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America.  Our attorneys are devoted to applying their experience, advocacy skills, and dedication to fight the sexual abuse of children.  We have successfully represented survivors of child sexual abuse in cases involving child molestation, parental child abuse, and cover-ups by the Catholic diocese, the Latter Day Saints, the Boy Scouts of America, the Jesuits and other religious orders.  Our current cases involve actions against the Spokane Diocese, Milwaukee Archdiocese, Helena Diocese, Great Falls Diocese, and the Boy Scouts of America.

In pursuing any sexual abuse case, we will thoroughly investigate your case, identify every responsible party, work with expert witnesses, and work to resolve your case effectively and in a manner that serves your individual objectives.

We protect individuals by taking legal action against the institutions that protect abusers.

Part of the battle against child sexual abuse is taking individual pedophiles to court and making sure they are punished to the fullest extent of the law.  However, as recent well-publicized cases against the Catholic Church have shown, the battle must also be waged against institutions that cover up incidents of molestation and protect abusers.

Extensive Experience as Trial Lawyers and Advocates

The attorneys at the Kosnoff Law Firm have nearly 40 years experience as trial lawyers and advocates for their clients. The attorneys at the Kosnoff Law Firm have the experience and resources necessary to take on virtually any opponent.

The attorneys at Kosnoff Law have successfully handled many large-scale lawsuits.  These lawsuits have resulted in extensive recoveries for Kosnoff Law clients, including many clients who participated in the $166.1 million settlement with the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province.   With experience handling so many large-scale lawsuits, Mr. Kosnoff frequently appears on television and in newspaper articles. They often use the opportunities afforded by media coverage to shine a light on sexual predators and their protectors, while publicizing the devastating societal costs and individual costs of childhood sexual abuse.

Our attorneys network with other sexual abuse attorneys around the country.

The attorneys at Kosnoff Law take no action, in the press or the courtroom, without the full consent of their clients.  They treat every client with compassion and consideration, assuring each client that the abuse was not the client’s fault and that the client can experience healing by pursuing justice.  With the consent of every survivor, the attorneys at Kosnoff Law aggressively pursue legal action against every party responsible for the survivor’s trauma.

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“Getting justice, dignity and compensation for survivors of childhood sexual abuse is what matters.”
We will handle your case confidentially and discreetly. For more information about our firm and services, contact the attorneys at the Kosnoff Law Firm. We assist survivors throughout the United States and Canada. Free initial consultations.

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