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I co-represent 17,000 clients in the Boy Scouts of America Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I’m actively taking selected cases involving adult and minor survivors of child sexual abuse. If you would like me to consider your case I am screening those cases using the form below. Please fill out your information and submit.

In the more than half century of experience in child sex abuse cases across the country I have developed a proprietary database of thousands of known perpetrators based on both public and proprietary confidential records. If you would like to know if your abuser has been identified in other cases please send a text or email. Please note that my office will not release those results by email and that if your abuser has been identified we will reach out to you by phone or text to discuss your situation. Please provide accurate contact information if you would like a response regarding your inquiry.

If you would like to text rather than email please send a text to 702.996.7323 with the following information.

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