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Abused in Scouting?
Abused in Mormonism?

About Tim Kosnoff

Tim Kosnoff practiced law for forty years as a prosecutor, defense attorney and as a lawyer representing victims of child sexual abuse. He has extensive experience handling complex civil child abuse cases & litigation throughout the United States and Canada. He has handled thousands of complex child sexual abuse cases against religious and secular organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, the Mormon Church, the Catholic Church and a wide spectrum of other organizations. Tim has recovered more than $500 million dollars in settlements and jury verdicts. Tim has extensive experience successfully guiding his clients through the complexities of the United States bankruptcy court process which has become the last bastion of defense by these pedophile-shielding organizations.

Tim has been extensively profiled by the media in the United States and Canada for his decades-long battle to expose sexual predators and the institutions that hide them.

Tim has transitioned to a new phase of his celebrated career. He is now available to serve as a consultant, expert witness, mediator, lecturer and media commentator.

Child Abuse Prevention & Support

Here are a few of the insights and guidance provided to you when hiring Tim as your child abuse attorney and consultant:

  • Consultation in the field of child sexual abuse and prevention for institutions and professionals in the insurance industry;
  • Pre-bankruptcy planning issues in mass tort sex abuse matters;
  • Best safe practices for youth-serving organizations and religious organizations;
  • Insurance coverage theories and defenses in child sexual abuse litigation;
  • Financial net worth discovery in sex abuse litigation and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Sexual abuse mass-tort acquisition strategies; law firm marketing strategies
  • Child sexual abuse tort litigation case evaluations,
  • Discovery strategies and settlement values.

Tim understands the complex dynamics and issues surrounding child sexual abuse from different and sometime conflicting perspectives. He understands how difficult and emotionally draining sexual abuse lawsuits are on victims. He strives to find ways for victims and accused institutions to resolve claims early in the process to save victims the added anxiety and risks inherent in the legal system.

As a long-time civil sexual abuse attorney, Tim understands the long term devastating impacts of child sexual abuse and the psychological and financial burdens that victims and their families must content with. Tim works with all parties to find acceptable resolutions short of protracted litigation.

Tim also understands the historical tolerance of religious organizations and non-religious organizations for child sexual abuse in their ranks, and of the existential threats posed to organizations that fail to adequately address it. Churches and other youth-serving organizations too often fail to act quickly to reach out to victims with sincerity and compassion, compounding the harms and making resolution more difficult and ultimately more costly for everyone.

Tim is able to help parties resolve claims for damages and in some instances achieve non-monetary remedies that can protect children in the future.

  • Expert witness testimony in child sexual abuse matters;
  • Standards of care for youth serving organizations;
  • Strategies for maximizing Emotional and Psychological Damages in Child sexual abuse litigation;
  • Insurance coverage issues and defenses to coverage in child sexual abuse litigation;
  • Statutes of limitations, theories of liability, defenses and exceptions

Tim continues to advocate at the legislative level for changes in laws that protect child sex predators and deprive child abuse survivors of access to justice. Institutions that tolerate abusers to infiltrate their organizations must be held legally accountable. Otherwise, the hope of child protection is illusory. Reform is essential to get youth-serving organizations to make meaningful changes to the way they have historically failed to deal with the problem of child sexual abuse.

In field of child sexual abuse and mass tort litigation/bankruptcy cases involving the Catholic Church; the Mormon Church; the Boy Scouts of America; US Gymnastics Association

On child sexual abuse mass tort litigation; church/institutional bankruptcies driven by child sexual abuse claims.

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“… a David vs. Goliath case featuring an obsessive lawyer, Tim Kosnoff, who … eventually wins a $3 million settlement.” – The New York Times

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Abused in Scouting?
Abused in Mormonism?

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