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Hawaii: Now’s the time for sex-abuse survivors to come forward

There’s new hope for victims of childhood sexual abuse in Hawaii.

A new law offers a two-year window of opportunity for those abused – even those abused many years ago -- to bring civil charges against their perpetrators.

Survivors may now have until April 24, 2014 to file suit.

It’s known as “Window Legislation,” meaning there’s a two-year window of opportunity to file a lawsuit that’s been previously barred by statute of limitations.

A civil action may also be brought against public or private entities that employed the person accused of committing the abuse.

If you were sexually abused as a child in Hawaii, now is the time to come forward. Do not delay. If you have been abused in Hawaii or have information about such abuse, please contact us toll-free at 855-529-4272 or email our office below. Initial consultations are free and confidential.

+ From the Diocese of Honolulu – List of Publicly Accused Priests in Hawaii

Source: http://bishopaccountability.org/

  • Roberto Batoon
  • Eugene E. Blazek
  • Alphonsus Boumeister
  • Joseph Bukoski, III
  • Roberto A. de Otero
  • George DeCosta
  • Bishop Joseph Ferrario
  • Lowell E. Fischer
  • James Ronald Gonsalves
  • Joseph M. Henry
  • James A. Jackson
  • Andrew P. Mannetta
  • Maurice G. McNeely
  • John Paul Medvit
  • Edward V. Mueth
  • Henry B. Sabog
  • Dominic B. Stone

+ ‘Ineligible volunteers’ in Hawaii:
Adult volunteers accused of sex abuse in internal Boy Scouts of America files

Source: Boy Scouts of America ‘ineligible volunteers’ files

  • Gary L. Strain
  • Joseph Zottoli
  • Edward P. Dunham
  • Dale Edmund Wilson
  • James A. Hale

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