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Changing Institutions that Protect Abusers

Changing the Institutions that Give Perpetrators of Child Abuse Protection

Even after the many recent news stories uncovering child sexual abuse in Catholic churches, many institutions have policies of covering up and excusing incidents of sex abuse. Many organizations try to deal with sexual abusers “in-house” instead of turning them into authorities. These self-serving, dangerous practices only enable abusers to continue terrorizing children.

Attorneys at Kosnoff Fasy have spent years going after institutions that protect sexual abusers of children.  They have represented hundreds of abused people against the following organizations:

None of these organizations encourages their members to sexually abuse children. But all have been found to consistently fail to act on allegations of abuse, shuffle abusers to different locations, and prevent incidents from becoming public. By covering up their crimes, these institutions are guilty of allowing sexual abusers to continue destroying people’s lives.

How We Can Fight Back

The best way to fight back against this outrageous behavior, both by sexual abusers and the organizations that support them, is to hold them accountable in a court of law. The civil justice system can have the effect of getting organizations to change their policies and practices when it comes to giving sanctuary to those who sexually abuse children.

Contact Our Lawyers

Our attorneys are committed to doing whatever it takes to bring these organizations to justice. If you know of abuse suffered in any organization, or indeed in any context at all, please contact our attorneys immediately: Call 855-LAW-4-CSA, 855-529-4272, or email our attorneys through this Web site’s contact page. Our firm has a nationwide practice, with many cases centered in Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest.

Kosnoff Fasy attorneys are no ordinary lawyers. They only represent victims of child sexual abuse, and the primary goal is to help the abused by bringing abusers to justice and getting victims the help they need. Hundreds of survivors of child sexual abuse have trusted us to be compassionate and respectful of their needs, while aggressively pursuing those responsible.